Climb Wales’s Highest Mountain

Mount Snowdon or Yr Wydffa in Welsh, pronounced “ear wither” is 1085m above sea level and probably the busiest mountain in the country!  Yes, there is a train to the top and yes there is a cafe (with toilet).  We however can take a path less traveled to reach the summit, which on a clear day offer breathtaking views of some of the crags and cliffs used by the Hillary 1953 Everest Expedition.  Snowdon is home to some of the best ridge walks in the land and also features some epic rock climbing venues.

Snowdon’s other claim is legendary.  Arthurian legend to be precise and is the scene of one of the most enduring tales of the Arthurian myth.  As to which one…. I’ll tell you on the way up.

Let me know when you are in Wales and wish to take a view from the top.