Navigation.  A fundamental hill skill, whether you are walking up a Wainwright, fell running a Ramsey Round or mountaineering a Munro, being able to use a map and compass is the ticket to increased upland confidence and self reliance.  Why wouldn’t you want to know how to navigate?

The exact syllabus will be drawn up to meet your specific requirements and although all equipment (maps, compasses and GPS) can be supplied, using your own kit and discovering how to get the best of that is preferred and has more long term benefit for you and your own adventures.

A typical navigation day course would be part classroom based, part hill based and be very hands on!  It may look like this:

  • What is a map/what is navigation
  • Understanding the symbols on a map
  • Recognising map features on the ground
  • Orientating (setting) the map
  • Use of a compass
  • 5 D’s a strategy for getting from A to B
  • Basic navigation strategies and route choice (attack points, hand rails, catching features)
  • Relocation

In addition to this sample program we can look at more advanced techniques such as timing, pacing, different map scales, bearings, slope angle and aspect.

Subject to venue and group size, lunch and hot drinks can be provided.

Navigation training and techniques can also feature as part of your day’s walk if you wish to add an extra dimension to the day.

Find your way to me here to discuss your requirement.