A big part of my working outdoors is with children and young people.  As along time freelancer for Lancashire Outdoor Education and various other private Outdoor Activity and Outdoor Education Centres I have been fortunate enough to spend time working with children at the Early Years Foundation Stage to Key Stages 1 to 4 and those in early adulthood at Higher and Further Education.

The outdoors is a special place to learn.  Not just a dry old curriculum of course, but about ‘self’.  The outdoors lends itself fully to experiential learning, personal and team development, resilience, tenacity and self reliance.  All key life skills.

Along the way I have built zip lines with four year old’s, built round houses with nine year old’s,  scaled heights with eleven year old’s taught camp craft and map reading to teenagers on DofE and been active in delivering both classroom theory and practical sessions in both GCSE level Orienteering and Climbing.

I wholly believe that learning outside the classroom is a beneficial thing for children of all ages and abilities.

“We believe that every young person should experience
the world beyond the classroom as an essential part of
learning and personal development, whatever their age,
ability or circumstances”

That quote is direct from the Council for Learning Outside the Classroom  you can find their manifesto here .

Now as Northcol Adventure I am in a position where my experience and resources allow me to work directly with Nurseries, Schools and Colleges.

I am particularly passionate about the outdoors and Nursery age children – those on EYFS.  You can find many examples of work carried out and indeed why I do this work here .

Do get in contact to discuss your idea in your setting.  If I am unable to help – I will certainly be able to refer you to a person or organisation who can.